Wendy Richards

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Sausalito, CA


Strategy, Marketing, Leadership Development, JointVentures, Partnerships, Channel Marketing, Growth, Executive Coaching

Visionary Strategic Advisor & Board Member with hands-on experience creating powerful marketing programs, leveraging high-value strategic partnerships, and delivering bespoke leadership development for C-Suite teams.

As your virtual Chief Marketing Officer, I apply my expertise in B2B marketing, digital distribution and sales channel management to launch and grow new products and services while instilling new skills in your team. My clients include CEOs and Venture Investors, with a focus on financial services and FinTech.

An inspiring Executive Leader, Mentor and Coach, I bring innovative interpersonal development to your C-Suite. By designing and delivering custom programs, I empower your leadership team for expansion, innovation and collaboration to drive business metrics.

Independent Board Member and Senior Advisor to private European Family Office.

Named to Fortune's "Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Business in Europe", I was instrumental in the design, financing and roll-out of the first digital mobile networks across Europe; a recognized expert in "the art of the global strategic alliance".