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Wendy Richards

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Sausalito, CA


Strategy, Marketing, Leadership Development, JointVentures, Partnerships, Channel Marketing, Growth, Executive Coaching

Passionate about aligning strategy, leadership and culture, Wendy Richards serves as board member, strategic advisor and executive coach with multi-industry expertise across asset management, mobile technology and food-tech. An experienced CMO, Wendy is expert in creating powerful marketing programs, leveraging high-value strategic partnerships, and delivering bespoke leadership development for C-Suite teams.

An independent board member for a leading European family-owned corporation, Wendy is skilled in meeting the unique challenges facing private, closely-held organizations. She applies her expertise in multi-generational wealth management to structure effective governance and ensure strong management succession.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Wendy served premier institutional investment managers including Makena Capital and Altegris Investments, leading high-growth teams in B2B marketing, digital distribution and sales channel management generating several billion in AUM. Today, she empowers leaders in these roles to launch and grow new products and services.

An inspiring executive leader, mentor and coach, Wendy brings innovative leadership development to C-Suite teams. By designing and delivering custom programs, she empowers the leadership team to deliver on mission-aligned goals, achieve M&A integration, and build value for significant exit multiples for PE and VC investors.

Named to Fortune's "Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Business in Europe", Wendy was instrumental in the design, financing and roll-out of the first digital mobile networks across Europe, in leadership roles for AirTouch/Vodafone and HSBC Investment Bank, in Brussels and London. A trained McKinsey consultant and Stanford MBA, Wendy is multi-lingual and multi- cultural in experience and approach; she applies her unique talent for organizational agility and alignment across the globe.