Todd Wilms

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Menlo Park, CA


Marketing communications - digital, social, event, field, performance, brand, storytelling, PR, AR, leadership and strategy. Focused mostly on B2B but some B2C. Not your "lead gen" guy if that is the sole criteria of success.

I've always liked Emperor Palpatine. When you think about it, taking control of the Galactic Senate was a huge marketing coup done with perfect execution. 

Luckily for the marketing world in our galaxy, I’m not a fan of the dark side. And I believe in social consciousness. Though I've yet to take over an entire galaxy, I have created high-level marketing strategy for some of the biggest names in business – SAP, PayPal, and Verisign. This has included:

• Digital marketing strategy
•  Best-in-class branding 
•  Viral social media marketing
•  Global marketing launches
•  Key placements and features in, TechCrunch, Inc., BrightTALK, MarketingSherpa

In looking for my next *galaxy* to take over, I bring total career revenue of > $850M and the skill behind major wins in gaining followers, reducing bounce, and strategically repositioning branding to support exponential growth. 

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