Molly Scofield

Founder, Chief Strategist |

Two Sides Consulting

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San Diego, CA


marketing, digital, growth hacking, agency management, digital transformation, training, return on advertising investment, SEO, SEM, media, customer personas, site audit, search audit

Molly lives in the middle of the brain – great with bold, innovative ideas and happy to wade into data with analytics experts. Whether her clients are changing how they spend their dollars, identifying new products and markets, navigating a complete marketing transformation, growing or shrinking a team, she helps assess the challenge from all sides, clarify the goal and move decisively to solutions that will bolster the bottom line. 

She has a proven track record of managing large, global clients successfully; pitching and winning business, and helping world-class creative teams leverage data and insights to support brand and campaign development.

People who have worked for Molly have found an advocate and mentor who demands their best work and cares personally. Clients will tell you she is reliable, sharp and dedicated to their business. Employers have always put her on the toughest challenges and business deals knowing she would deliver. Agencies she has managed find a respectful and watchful partner who empowers them to raise the bar.

During her time at Ogilvy and since, she has enjoyed consulting some of the worlds best brands in consumer packaged goods (CPG), business, healthcare (provider, payor and supply chain) and tech including Procter and Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Nestle, HealthMarkets, Apria Healthcare, Cisco, Thomson Reuters, Microsoft and Intel.