Jim Keene

Managing Director | Atherton Consulting Group

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Atherton, CA


Vision, strategy, leadership development and executive coaching for financial organizations; investment process and philosophy; decision-making/rights; alternative Investments; fund-raising presentations; public speaking; group facilitation; managing complex relationships 

With thirty years of experience in real estate, venture leasing, management consulting and wealth management, Jim has learned much about what works and what doesn’t for businesses and leadership. By combining new and tested research around the relationship between culture, strategy and leadership, Jim has established a nimble and cutting edge business combining management consulting and executive coaching.  Jim works globally having completed management consulting and teaching assignments in Thailand, India, Australia and Singapore. In addition, he has worked with leaders from England, Spain, France, Russia, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong and South Korea, among other cultures. One of my passions is alternative investments – an area I worked in for over ten years and taught in for almost eight years at the University of San Francisco.