Emily Drenis

Customer Success Leader | 

DODONE Consulting Solutions

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San Francisco, CA


Customer Success, Customer Experience, Customer Onboarding, Customer Journey Mapping, Voice of the Customer, Business Process Review & Recommendations

Emily Drenis has more than 20 years of experience leading Customer Success, Customer Care, and Program Management teams. During her time as Vice President of Program Management for Genesys, Emily led the team that handled all the critical escalations. As Vice President of Customer Experience, Emily led a cross-functional team of people from various departments to establish the Net Promoter System (NPS) and other operational KPIs to measure the customer experience at Genesys. After the system was set successfully in place, Emily moved to set up an internal critical escalation program and led the Customer Success Management team. As Senior Program Director, Emily and her team executed the most critical project in the company and acquired a high-profile client, Oracle, in 10 weeks. For this, she was awarded the CX Champion Award for outstanding and unwavering commitment to the company’s success. After Genesys, Emily joined Twilio as the Head of Customer Experience & Success. There, she redefined the Customer Success charter by creating a separate onboarding stage, building repeatable practices to help launch customer projects, and developed a proactive engagement model for post-sales customer engagement.  

Emily is now using her wisdom gained through her corporate experience to help companies develop robust, efficient, and rewarding Customer Success Programs through her company, Dodone. When it comes to customers, the best way to retain them is to exceed their expectations and add value to their company. Customers want to feel heard and appreciated. Many companies preach empathy when it comes to their customers but only a few employ it in practice. It’s easy to only focus on the bottom line. Revenue, however, is only one part of the bigger picture. If you have the right engagement system and appropriate culture in place, the money will follow. And when you build trusted relationships with your customers via expertise AND strong relationships, they will return to you and are less likely to go to your competitors.