Betsy Burroughs

Founder | Focus Catalyst

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San Francisco, CA


Neuroscience based insights and innovation catalysts, branding, advertising, sales and publishing

Betsy Burroughs is the author and creator of the surprising new book, The Giggle Step Solution based on the Neuroscience of Dopamine and Cortisol. She is also the author of the business innovation book for companies, FOCUS. The Catalyst for Innovation. Based on the Neuroscience of Insight.

Surprisingly, both her book on innovation and her book on habits are the result of the branding work she does with a wide range of organizations, from Silicon Valley giants like Google and cutting-edge tech startups, to media companies like The Discovery Channel and Dwell Magazine, to consumer packaged good companies like Redken Haircare--and many more.


Betsy Burroughs has over 25 years of experience as a Silicon Valley executive in branding, advertising, sales and publishing. She developed her techniques first to help her work more effectively with her branding clients.

Then she discovered that recent research developments in neuroscience, behavior change and habit design explain how and why her techniques work. And that they can be used effectively to stop bad habits both personally and professionally.

She told the story of how she figured this all out in her interview with The Atlantic in December 2018. In it, they dubbed her a “Silicon Valley branding executive turned neuroscience researcher."

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